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Our Satin Flower Curl is now ready for Pre-Order!  Launching 5th August 2020.  Very Limited Stock available.


We are so excited to be introducing a satin version of the Flower Curl.  Our premium hair curler is coated in beautiful silky satin fabric and is perfect for women who want to tame frizz and if you're after softer looking curls.  The satin helps reduce friction overnight and is an absolutle dream to remove in the morning, taking just a few seconds to reveal heatless curls.


Heatless Curls Results:

For volumunious, longer lasting and tighter curls, we always recommend to spritz some water onto completely dry hair before wrapping.  If you are after loose soft curls, skip adding water completely to achieve a relaxed curl kinda look!


✓ Can be used on different hair lengths (see hair length guide picture)

No hair ties required

No hair tangling

Hair slides off the Satin Flower Curl with ease

 Saves you time styling your hair

Saves you money on hair repairing products

 No heat required

 Comfortable to wear and to sleep in

✓ Hair curler is coated in beautiful silky satin fabric and is lightweight to touch.

 Hair curler does not sit around your face & it doesn't cover your ears - allowing you to roll in your sleep without feeling discomfort!

 Reduces hair friction and hair damage during the night

Voluminous heatless curls
 Create different hair curling results using one curler

 Compact and small in size, perfect for travel

Handmade and shipped from Great Britain


* The Flower Curl is handmade - slight variations in shape and finish may be present.

SATIN Flower Curl - Premium (PRE-ORDER (See T&Cs)

Flower Curl - SATIN Version
  • LAUNCHING on 5th August 2020 - Our Premium Satin Flower Curl Version is now available for Pre-Order! Secure your hair curler early.  Limited Stock Available. 

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