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Track your daily water intake for the next 30 days with this helpful tracker sheet.

Drinking two litres of water per day will help your body to function a whole lot more efficiently. To ensure that you are taking the right amount of nutrients, you could supplement your diet with hair vitamins as these help improve the overall condition of your scalp and hair.

Drinking two litres of water per day will help these essential nutrients to be absorbed into your scalp quicker and more efficiently, thus increasing hair growth & scalp hydration whilst improving the overall condition of your hair!

This tracker sheet will help you track your daily water intake for the next 30 days. You also have the option to track your hair growth at the beginning of the challenge and again at the end of the challenge. Don't forget to come and share your results in my private FB group!

Useful tips:

My Story

Sticking to two litres of water per day has always been a challenge for me and I have to constantly remind myself to drink more water as I do tend to forget to hydrate myself! However, this challenge sheet is a constant reminder to drink more water throughout the day and the very first time I took on the water challenge my hair grew 4cm longer by the end of the 30 days! This is an amazing result considering that hair usually grows about 1cm long each month.

What you need to do next:

  1. Download the FREE 30-day two litre water challenge tracker sheet

  2. Request access to private Facebook group!

Yanika Cordina x

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