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Flower Curl® Hair Curler by Cordina Hair

✓ A hair curler that is easy & quick to set

✓ Comfortable to wear & to sleep in

✓ Creates beautiful curls without the heat
✓ Compact, lightweight and soft to touch

For Fine & Medium Thick 

For Thick Hair 

Your Hair Routine Just Got More Exciting!

No hassle, no heat, no damage!  Set the Flower Curl in your hair, in just a few minutes and unravel beautiful heatless curls!

Flower Curl

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What Our Customers are Saying...

Taylor - OH, USA

''The Flower Curl allows you to go to sleep and wake up with beautiful heatless curls. I have tried so many of these types of products before but the curlers would either hurt to sleep on, fall out in the middle of the night, or result in very weird crinkled curls. The Flower Curl is nothing like that. I wake up with beautiful, bouncy curls every time! And my favorite part is that there is no heat involved and therefore no damage! I wish I had found this product many years (and lots of heat damage) ago!''


LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair curler.... it made my hair routine so much easier and healthier!!!  My curls came out better than with a curler but minus the damage!!

Kylie - OH, USA

''I have been using the flower curl religiously for the past 3 months or so; it's become a huge part of my daily routine.  I love how it enhances the natural volume and body to my hair.  Everyone is always asking me how I do it.  I'm actually going to be styling my own hair for my upcoming wedding with these curls.  It's  quick and easy, way more realistic for me than any other hair curler I've seen.  And best part- I don't have to use heat on my hair so it stays healthy!  Can't recommend enough.''


 Saves you precious time!

 Comfortable to wear and to sleep in

✓ Does not sit around your face, which means you can roll in your sleep like a pro!

✓ Continue with your day to day activities, without having the curler getting in the way

Stops hair friction & hair damage during the night

✓ Does not fry your hair

✓ Saves you money on hair repairing products

✓ Adds volume and bounce to your hair

✓ Can be used on different hair lengths

✓ Allows you to create different hair curling results

✓ Compact & lightweight, perfect for travel!

✓ Speeds up your morning hair routine

✓ Enjoy bountiful curls without the damage!

Select Your Flower Curl

For Fine & Medium Thick 

For Thick Hair 



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