We're in Search of TWO Hair Models!

About Cordina Hair

We are a British hair care brand specialising in heatless hair styling innovations and hair care products.  We own patents on two of our heatless hair stylers: The Flower Curl and Waver Bun.  



> You must live in the UK and reside in Manchester.

> Age 21-35

> Female

> We're ideally looking for women with: Blonde, light brown and/or black hair.

    - Medium to long hair

About the Opportunity

We are due to appear on Television in October to showcase our heatless hair styling products and demonstrate how to use them. We are looking for two confident hair models to join us!  The hair models will have their hair prepared using the hair tools off camera. The heatless hair curlers are then removed on camera to reveal beautiful heatless curls.


> If chosen, we will first virtually meet you on Zoom, so we can introduce ourselves and go through the details.

> We will then meet you on the 19th of October in Manchester for approx 1.5 hours to test the product in your hair and go through filming details.

On the Day of Filming
You will be required for approximately 5-6 hours (getting ready, rehearsal, set up and filming).  No talking is required during filming. We are looking for two women with a friendly smile who are confident to appear on television.   

What to Wear
- We require you to wear a white top, smart black trousers and flat shoes, such as ballerina shoes. (black).
- We will also require you to come ready in natural looking make up.

Modelling experience

Preferred but not essential.  Please provide us with past modelling experience, if any.


Fixed £100 per model + travel expenses covered. 

Applications close: 30th of September 2020

Interested? We'd love to hear from you!

Please email us at info@cordina.co.uk - with the subject line:  Hair Model (+ specify ethnicity).  Please also make sure that you read all of the requirements. If any of the below questions are missed in your email, we will unfortunately not be able to consider your application. 

  1. Confirm that you are currently located in Manchester, UK

  2. Confirm your name and age

  3. Provide us with a link to your Instagram page or modelling page if any

  4. Attach an image of you where we can clearly see your face and length of hair

  5. Let us know if you have any previous modelling experience and provide details

  6. What is your ethnicity? 

  7. Confirm the colour of your hair

  8. Confirm the length of your hair

  9. Confirm the thickness of your hair: very fine / fine / medium thick / very thick

  10. Are you comfortable appearing on TV?

  11. Have you ever been on TV before? If so, please provide details

  12. Are you available on the 19th and 20th of October?

  13. Let us know why you're interested in this opportunity?