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Location: CA, USA

New mom!

I finally got mine! It works!!! Amazing! I'm a new mom and it was making me feel like I didn't have time or energy to fix my hair! Well, this was the ticket! I had to have it shipped over to me here in sunny California, but it was worth the wait! Thank you for a great product 



Location: USA


My flower curl is amazing, it really works, can't live without it now 😍😍😍



Location: UK

So easy to use

My daughter has this and loves it, it's been so good for her hair and time saving, so easy to use. 



Location: UK

Zero effort curls

Zero effort curls

Very Very similar result that I get when I use curling tongs, but this time with zero effort!



Location: USA




It genuinely works!

I very rarely post a review, but with this I had to. I’m hopeless at styling my hair so I look for options that are easy. Normally easy = useless / not effective. The flower curl is easy to use, and certainly works. I’m sat here with lovely curls after a good nights sleep! I feel I need a bit more practice, but I am really happy with the results and all without damaging it through heat!



Location: USA

Love the Flower Curl 🌸

Got your product yesterday and I tried it last night. I am very happy to use the Flower Curl.  My first try and my hair looks nice.  I might need some practise but I am very confident.  I usually don't review but I think I have to tell. Thank you so much! Love the Flower Curl 🌸



Location: UK

My favourite hair product so far

AMAZING Hair is voluminous. So easy to use. My favourite hair product so far. I’ve received so many compliments. I’ve used it on dry and wet hair and works beautifully. Definitely a must have for those who care about not heat Damaging their hair and those that travel. It’s comfortable to sleep with and you could easily wear it to work in prep for a night out by securing the circles in a nice shape



Location: UK

Will deffo recommend!

These days i like to let my hair down and im trying to let it grow. I love having it curled everyday, which is why its so great to not have to use heat with the Flower Curl. The Flower Curl is also a game changer in the early morning rush saving so much time! the flower curl is amazing and I will deffo recommend!

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