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Name: Verified Buyer



Flower Curl Hair Curler - 4 Rings

Curls were still in the next day

Name: Maria C


Location: CA, USA

Hair Length



Flower Curl Hair Curler - 5 Rings

The Flower Curl Worked!

I was shocked that the Flower Curl worked! I have used so many products: foam rollers, heat rollers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. I didn't leave my hair overnight, more like a 3 hour nap. The curls were beautiful. I will say use a little bit of hairspray to keep the curls in place for a lot longer. I do have long layered hair, and it's THICK. My front layers didn't curl particularly well but just had a small wave. I will also admit that the shipping time to the U.S. is a lot longer than most, and I didn't receive a code and freaked out. Those who are in the U.S., don't freak out. Your product will come.

Name: Verified Buyer - Amazon UK



Flower Curl Hair Curler - 4 Rings


I absolutely love flower curl.It’s so easy to use and very comfortable. I only use 2 rings and I’m so happy with results. Thank you



Location: OH, USA

Hair Length



Flower Curl Hair Curler - 4 Rings

Wake up with beautiful, bouncy curls every time! 

The Flower Curl allows you to go to sleep and wake up with beautiful heatless curls. I have tried so many of these types of products before but the curlers would either hurt to sleep on, fall out in the middle of the night, or result in very weird crinkled curls. The Flower Curl is nothing like that. I wake up with beautiful, bouncy curls every time! And my favorite part is that there is no heat involved and therefore no damage! I wish I had found this product many years (and lots of heat damage) ago!



Location: VA, USA


Flower Curl Hair Curler - 5 Rings

After using THIS curler, I feel like a million bucks.

Before, after I curled my hair, I would feel terrible. My hair smelled bad from the heat and damage it had experienced, I knew that an hour of curling my hair was such a waste of time, and soon, it would all fall out anyway. After using THIS curler, I feel like a million bucks. This gives me a CONSISTENT curl, and there are lots of way to play with the amount and placement of curl. I’m excited to try out the different ways and amount of rings to use it with. I was skeptical, but this really works!


My previous concerns:

- why buy a heatless curler when I can curl hair myself? Cordina Hair is a method similar to the headband method. But trust me, you can not DIY your way into these curls! I’ve tried all of the methods. Some give you waves that would look better with a braid out. Pin curling makes you look like a girl from the 50s. Some are just plain ridiculous— ain’t nobody got time to wrap your hair around paper towels or magazine strips. Most heartless curlers are more expensive, but Cordina Hair is only $20-$30 with free shipping! Just try it. There’s isn’t much to lose!


- won’t I look dumb wearing this? Yes, you do look pretty ridiculous, but thankfully when you take it out in the morning, you look extra great. It’s just a night! No one has to see.


- I’ll just use my curling iron. Curling irons are anywhere to 50 -150 dollars. And they are sucking the moisture and natural shine out of your hair. Stop abusing yourself today.


All in all, great product. I couldn’t be more satisfied.



Location: MN, USA

Finally found one that works!

I love the flower curl. It takes just a few quick minutes to set and gives me awesome curls for days. I've been telling all of my friends to buy it. I have tried so many different tools and tricks, and I finally found one that works! Love it!



Location: India

Happy Customer ♡ 

Thank you so much! It was such an amazing experience using your product. Such a happy customer ♡



LocationRI, USA

Love love love this hair curler!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair curler.... it made my hair routine so much easier and healthier!!!  My curls came out better than with a curler but minus the damage!!  Can't get over how much I love this thing... it's so easy for a full head of curls now! I just can't get over it! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 




Heatless Curls

Thank you they turned out perfect! Love the flower curler ❤️ 



LocationCT, USA

Thank you

I can't thank you enough for making this product.  As a person who has used heat for years to curl my hair, I really can't imagine going back at this point.  My friends and family cannot tell the difference and think that I am fibbing! I've tried many heatless curling options over the years and the flower curler is by far the easiest, most convenient and comfortable option!  It is now part of my everyday routine.  I cannot wait to see the long term results I achieve of not using heat and getting my hair back to its natural state.

Name: Lettikutri



Perfect heatless curls

Perfect heatless curls that don't damage hair and are so easy and fast! I'm excited because I've finally found a solution for the mornings! 🤗 When I was younger always curling hair in the mornings but with two little kids, time is always an issue and to be honest I like to sleep as long as I can 🤣

Name: Ylva



Flower Curl

I made the curls with the Flower Curl and I used it overnight! I used a spray for glossy hairs instead of water and I had three days of this wonderful curls in my hair.

NameVicky Reckless



I would really recommend this heatless curler

''I've had experience with these types of products before and they have been less than successful to say the least. So it was a lovely surprise when the curler did exactly what it said on the tin and more! I was expecting a loose wave at best but the curls were long lasting, tight and voluminous. Have a pleasant nights sleep (which I thought I was going to struggle with but it was actually a rather comfortable head rest!)


I would really recommend this heatless curler as an alternative to curling hair every day using heat which can really damage and break hair. Especially for those folk like me who want those few extra minutes in bed in the morning!''




Beyond happy with my curler

Can't believe I am never going to heat my hair again!

You are so amazing!  For coming up with this 🙏🤘



LocationOH, USA

Can't recommend enough

I have been using the flower curl religiously for the past 3 months or so; it's become a huge part of my daily routine.  I love how it enhances the natural volume and body to my hair.  Everyone is always asking me how I do it.  I'm actually going to be styling my own hair for my upcoming wedding with these curls.  It's  quick and easy, way more realistic for me than any other hair curler I've seen.  And best part- I don't have to use heat on my hair so it stays healthy!  Can't recommend enough.



Location: London, UK

Best invention

I have never seen so many curls on my hair 🤣🤣.  This is the BEST INVENTION.. Sleeping was fine. I think I'm obsessed with the Flower Curl, I want to try it with 3 rings now. It's so easy... I love it 😍😍. 

I love my curls!!

I love my hair thanks to @codinahair !! Thanks girl, I love my curls!!



Location: UK

I absolutely love this product

I have naturally curly hair but it can be very frizzy, the Flower Curl works wonders overnight, taming my hair and creating gorgeous get up and go curls. Very easy to use and comfortable to sleep in, I would recommend this to anyone.  I have since bought 2 more as presents as my family and friends will love it as much as I do. 



Location: CA, USA

Works awesomely well

It is so comfortable compared to what I used to do and works awesomely well



Location: Malta

Beautiful curls!

My hair is pin straight. The flower curl has made it easy to curl my hair as often as I'd like to, without damaging it. It only takes me a few minutes to curl my hair and the curls are beautiful in the morning. I tend to use the 4 rings option as I do like a lot of curls! I always sleep comfortably with it on and I love using it for special occasions too.



Location: UK

Amazing product

Thank you it's an amazing product we love it ❤️



Location: UK

I use mine a lot

Thank you so much for doing this product, it makes it so much easier, you have no idea! As I have always wanted a curler xxx



Location: UK

I can't believe how well the Flower Curl works!

I have very thick hair and have been using straighteners to curl it for years. I'm trying to grow my hair and the constant heat is damaging it, not to mention the time it takes! I have found other curling options either too time-consuming or not effective on my hair, dropping out after only a few hours. I used the Flower Curl for the first time this week and I was shocked at how well it worked. It was easy to put int(I used the 4 ring option), it was comfy to sleep in and in the morning I had really bouncy, curly hair. I applied some oil and hairspray and that was it... morning routine, done. The curls stayed in all day, only dropping very slightly and still keeping lovely curls. The next day my hair was still wavy, so I won't need to use the Flower Curl every night to achieve a curly/wavy look. This product ticks all the boxes and I've had lots of compliments about my hair since using it. This is an amazing hair curler, and the fact it uses no heat is even better!🌸

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