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Flower Curl Hair Length Guide

Above the Shoulders

Gutted you can't use the Flower Curl?  Grow your hair longer and faster using our hair growth tips and our FREE printables resource library.  

Bra Strap/Armpit Length

Experiment with different number of rings and see what feels right for you.  Many customers with this hair length tend to go for the 2 rings or the 4 rings option.

Mid-Back & Waist Length

Flower Curl customers with this hair length, love using the overnight curler with 4 rings or 5 rings if you have thick hair.

Unravelling tipsDue to the length of your hair, you've got more unravelling to do, so make sure you follow the tips below:

1. Remove the bobby pins of one ring first, then unravel the hair from that ring before moving on to the next.  

2. If your hair is on the dry side or it is damaged and brittle, we highly recommend for you to add some hair oil to your mid and lower sections of your hair before wrapping in the Flower Curl, this will help smooth out the hair cuticle, making it feel silky smooth.  Healthy silky hair is easier to manage and will slide off the Flower Curl with ease.

3. Very dry & damaged hair: treat your hair to a mask and apply hair oil on the day you are planning on using the Flower Curl.

Hair Past the Waist

Girl your hair is long!  We're sorry to say, but at the moment, you will not be able to use the Flower Curl, as there won't be enough room for all of your hair to be wrapped around the rings. 

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