Yanika Cordina

Cordina Hair was formed in November 2017 with one clear mission in mind - To inspire women to embrace and enhance their natural beauty with gentle products.

The company was founded by Yanika Cordina who's love for healthy hair has long been one of her passions from a very young age. 


Cordina Hair was formed after knowing first hand, the struggles of maintaining healthy hair, how frustrating it can be to grow hair longer and faster and how incredibly stressful noticing more hair fall than usual can be.


Our popular FREE Printables page includes hair care and hair growth guides, trackers & checklists for women who are looking to improve the condition of their hair as well as their lifestyle. 

Whatever your hair journey may be, we are here to inspire you and help you stay on track on your journey to beautiful healthy hair. 

THE Flower Curl STORY


yanika cordina inventor flower curl

1990s My hair journey was very much inspired by my parents.  My mother was on a mission to strengthen my very fine hair by cutting it short (above my shoulders) up until the age of six. 


When I started to realise how short my hair was, I asked if I could grow my hair longer and my father encouraged me to do so until my hair reached my thighs!  

Yanika Cordina inventor flower curl

2006 - At the age of 17, I entered an event where I was representing my home town in Malta.  For the event, I longed for big, voluminous curls, so I booked an appointment at the hairdresser and asked to have my hair curled.  The hairdresser prepared my hair and set a bunch of rollers in and they were left in my hair for approximately 10 hours.


This photo was taken shortly after I removed the rollers.  After 10 hours of having them set in my hair, I was left with hair flicks rather than curls.

I was very disappointed to say the least, but as the saying goes... the show must go on!

Flower Curl heatless curls story

2015 - On Tuesday 10th November 2015, I was on my way to my office job when an idea for a new heatless hair curler popped up in my head.


As soon as I got to my office desk, I grabbed a piece of paper, drew what I had in mind and put it in my handbag. I could not wait to get back home to start testing and making prototypes in my trusty old shed. 

heatless curls

I have always struggled to find an appropriate hairstyle for bed and before the Flower Curl came about I used to wake up with messy, unmanageable and dry hair every morning from rolling in my sleep, so I really wanted to put an end to that. 

After creating and testing numerous prototypes, I started turning up to my office job with the most amazing curls!

My colleagues started to notice my new look and kept asking me what I use to curl my hair and how I find the time to curl it every day.  I knew then, that I was off to a good start!

Back in 2015 during the testing stage.

2018 - After three long years of testing and refining the heatless curler, the Flower Curl was launched to the public in November 2018.  


The curler has since reached countries far & wide and its been busy making women feel and look beautiful - See Flower Curl Reviews.


The curler is now available to buy via our Cordina Hair online retail store.